• Transition Sports South Africa

Transition Sports South Africa

Transition Sports South Africa (TSSA) is a Non-profit Voluntary Association in accordance with Section 12(2) requirements of the NPO Act. The mission of the Association shall be to increase recreational participation in transition sports. Also to improve the athletes skill level and standards of performance in South Africa to international levels by obtaining sponsorship and donations to support training sessions and to provide sports equipment and the required facilities.


The main objectives are as follows:

  • Focus on giving and developing transition action sports and not just taking from the sport for short lived monetary and promotional gain.
  • Raise sufficient funds to build world class facilities that are required for any transition action sports.
  • Provide training to individuals to ride the vert ramp, bowls and big-air ramps. Training will be focused on a beginner and amateur level as short to medium term goal.
  • Encourage all the communities to use facilities provided and promote the benefits of a healthy and active life style.
  • Provide a safe and drug free environment for everyone to enjoy and progress their skills.
  • Be central contact for any ramp construction in South Africa by providing correct constructional plans to ensure proper standards are kept.
  • Provide any other organization or individual’s professional advice, assistance and plans for constructing of ramps.
  • Organize competitions in the regions that have the required facilities, and keep track of athlete rankings in South Africa.
  • Organize events with international participants to promote the sport.
  • To produce South African athletes that competes in international competitions such as the X-Games and World Cup Skateboarding. Also to participate in the Olympics when these sports are added as a discipline in the future.

Transition Sports South Africa (TSSA) is actively seeking support and an official sponsor that can help achieve the set out goals and objectives of the association. If you are interested donating, supporting or sponsoring this orphan sport please contact us at: info@vert.co.za.

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