• The Vert Ramp

The Vert Ramp

Map to the Ramp:

Stoke City sign on Olifantsfontein Rd:

Stoke City Entrance sign

Stoke City Entrance sign

Location of the Ramp at Stoke City:

(Google Street View)

Warning and Disclaimer:


– It’s compulsory to sign an indemnity form at the Stoke City office before skating this ramp.
– Skateboarding, in-line skating, rollerblades and BMX are hazardous recreational activities.
– Use of this non-supervised facility may result in death, paralysis, brain damage, concussion, broken bones, or other serious injury.
– The ramp owner, Stoke City or anyone else does not assume any responsibility for injuries or injuries arising out of negligence.
– The ramp owner, Stoke City or anyone else does not assume any responsibility for lost, damaged or stolen items, or any loss arising out of negligence.

Ramp Rules and Regulations:

– A daily session fee needs to be paid at the office to skate this ramp.
– Use of this ramp is prohibited when wet, raining or during routine maintenance periods. No skating allowed in the flatbottom of the ramp.
– Pets are prohibited on and around ramp.
– No food, drinks or any beverages are allowed on the ramp.
– Skaters must wear standard helmets, elbow pads and knee pads at all times.
– Littering on the ramp and around the ramp is strictly prohibited.
– Waxing of ramp, coping or other equipment is strictly prohibited.
– Competitive or demonstration events are prohibited unless prior written approval is granted by the owner and Stoke City.
– No big objects or any other dangerous items will be allowed on the ramp.
– Be respectful and courteous of others.
– Report any broken equipment, loose ramp screws or other unsafe conditions to the Owner or Stoke City.
– The Owner and Stoke City reserves the right to close the ramp for any circumstances deemed necessary. They also reserve the right to restrict entry to the facility and to ask persons to leave the facility if any of the rules are not followed, or if unsafe behaviour is observed.

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