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and NOW!!

The new paint job is perfect and the fisrt session this weekend was awesome…. Terry and Graham joined the session and they have commented that the ramp is perfect and not slippery at all. Here is some pictures of the new ramp…

Vert ramp After paint job



This is some pictures of the “old” ramp. After we complete the new paint job I will post new pictures to compare :)

Vert Ramp Before new paint job


New paint job!!

The vert ramp is getting a new paint job. We plan to have it finished before next week Friday and will have a big session the Saturday  (23 July) to celebrate the 1 Year anniversary of the ramp!! So call you peeps and let them know what going down!

The new paint will allow for more traction and will be a bit darker color to save your eye in bright sunlight.

PS: Ramp will be closed until we are finished with the maintenance.

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