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Pilot phase done, and looking good!!

We have completed the pilot phase and everything looks pretty good. The work done is very accurate and we will not have any problems with the fixing of the surface to the frame. We have decided to use 5mm Countersink bolts with locknuts to fix the plywood and metal sheet to the surface. This will ensure that they don’t pull out after a while… or at least we can tighten them or replace them if required.
It will be bit of a mission to drill all the holes through the 5mm angle iron for ever bolt we need and if you look at the 2500+ screws required it might take a while. But we’ll do anything to make sure the surface is 100% for skating.
The other issue we will face is to put the nuts onto the underside of the flatbottom if it’s flat on the base frame, because we don’t have access under the ramp. We have a working solution and I will give you more info after we have done the flatbottom surface.
The flatbottom was very easy to build:

Pilot flatbottom frame


New 12ft Vert ramp Pilot phase Material

I got some material for the pilot phase and hope to have it finished soon. The pilot phase will consist of:

  • 2x Deck box
  • 2x Transition
  • 1x Faltbottom

This will give us a good idea of the plans will work and if the shop can build according to the plans :)

This is a few photos of the raw steel materials:


Maloof Money Cup World Skateboarding Championships in Kimberley

Maloof Money Cup World Skateboarding Championships in Kimberley
It has been confirmed and we can now look forward to the Maloof Money Cup World Skateboarding Championships in Kimberley 30 Sept – 2 Oct, 2011. The Maloof Skateboarding Global Initiative has been launched  to promote skateboarding as a positive, active lifestyle for youth, contribute to education and build healthy communities.  The initiative kicked off in December 2010 with “Skateboarding for Hope,” a 10-month tour and outreach program across the Provinces of South Africa.

New vert ramp design

We have new plans for a 12ft vert ramp and you can download the plans from the ‘Downloads’ section. This new vert ramp design is based on a lot of research on the internet and some personal experience skating vert ramps. The final dimensions for the vert ramp design:

Total hight: 12ft

Transitions: 10.5ft

Vert: 1.5ft

The design is a steel construction (cheaper than wood in SA) with a 5mm plywood as first layer and 3mm metal sheet as second and final layer. We have cross/support bars +- 25cm apart and believe it should be enough and strong to take impact of high fling airs and bails !

The ramps design is also semi-modular to allow us to move the ramp if required, or extend additional sections in the future with ease.

If we make any changes to the ramp plans we will post them here.

If you decided to use the plans, please feel free to do so and email us the pictures of you new ramp (and the construction process..) We only request you put up a sign on the ramp with reference to www.vert.co.za and designed by Werner du Plessis. :-)

12ft vert ramp

the search has started..

Have you seen him?

Skater at the Germiston Bowl

Germiston Bowl – Grind

Sand Boarding in Benoni

Mr. G De Noon invited myself and a good mate for a day out in Benoni for a session of Sand boarding………….

Benoni is the last place I would like to find myself on a Saturday afternoon for a day out in the sun, but being the friend I am, put my pride in my pocket ( as well as my bat in my boot) and off we went.

The hole sand boarding trip was arranged by a group called Pure Rush Industries. For R250 you get taken out to a HUGE hill in the back roads of Benoni, all equipment and compitent staff.

With in a few minutes, after a few lessons u are hurled down the side of a hill at major speeds.

Please take my advice, do not wear any form of jocks…….. abrasive anal……!!!!

All and all, a good workout and something I would recommend to do, even if it is the only reason to go to Benoni.

Check out the web page under our list of links. Peace……

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