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Ready for surface

Some updated photos with the railings up and some paint.  The frame is now completely done and ready for the surface. Will start this weekend :)

Undercoat paint done, now the surface


Bolts and coping done…

We have finished most of the bolts on the frame, fixed the coping to the frame and put some plywood and steel sheet surface on the platforms. Next is the big task of the riding surface..

Frame ready 1



Werner and Graham busy working at night to get the frame bolts in. it’s not easy drilling so many holes through the steel frame… long weekend ahead and lots of time to finish the frame and maybe start with plywood surface :)

night work (1)


Frame on the foundation

With the long weekend we only had a few people available to help move the frame onto the foundation. This is the final resting place of the vert ramp. The ramp frame fits well on the base frame but we still have to do a lot of pulling and clamping to get the frame in the correct position.

frame final (1)


The big move…

This weekend we moved all the completed ramp sections from the workshop to site. We use 2 large trailers and did a total of 10 trips which kept us busy from 6am to 7pm on Saturday. And now we finally have the ramp frame on site and just waiting for the foundation to be completed before we start the big task of assembly (hopefully this weekend).

This is a photo of the frame where we offloaded on temporary location:

Transport (3)


Ramp foundation

This weekend we have done the ground levelling for the ramp foundation. The location of the ramp was on a slope with about 1m drop from the one side. The space required for the ramp was 9.8m by 13.6m and we levelled +- 1 meter more each side. So we had a lot of ground to move to get it level. This took us from 8am to +- 5pm. The top side we have made a bump/wall to prevent any water running into the ramp location and should stop most of the rain water. We also mixed cement into the ground and used a heavy duty roller to compact the ground to ensure it ‘s not going anywhere. The pictures below shows the before and then final ground level after.


Before photo


Updated progress on ramp frames

Since my last post we finished and painted primer on all flatbottoms and deck boxes. Next step the transition which will start today. This is some photos of the completed frames:

Frame update


Latest draft of 12ft vert ramp plans…

The latest draft version 4.2 of the 12ft vert ramp plans has be uploaded to the downloads section. It’s got lot more detail of the complete ramp design. I will change the information as we progress with the ramp build and post updated versions. The final version will reflect the final ramp.

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