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Vert ramp done!!

We have finally completed the vert ramp and anything done on the ramp from now on will be called general maintenance. The final layer of paint on the surface did not come out as expected and is a bit bright, although this color works well in the shaded areas of the ramp. We will look at getting a darker color to redo the surface at some point.

Completed the paint on surface, ramp done


Final Layer Finish!!!

We finally finished the final metal sheet layer and it’s looking very good. Had to cut some sheets to make everyone fit but was not too much of a mission. We also changed a few screws that broke close to the flatbottom and hope everything is now ready for the last coat of paint.

metal sheets done


1st Sk8 Session

We finished 6 of the 8 sheets this weekend and at 4pm Sunday we decided to have a skate session and finish the 4 outstanding sheets next weekend. The ramp is perfect and the coping is just right. The layer of paint use as primer is still n bit sticky and not ease to slide on with knee pads. The galvanized coping is also n bit slow. This is some pictures from this weekend.

the 1st skate session on the vert ramp


No rain!! maybe this weekend

The rain is gone and looks like we might have a week of sunshine!! We have almost finished up to half of the transition on both sides and then we will attempt the last half of the transition this weekend. We hope to finish the last sheets this weekend and have a nice skate session on Sunday!!..  can’t wait!!  Still a few things that needs to be finalized, but at least we can skate…

Metal sheet surface almost done

Slow progress

Progress has been slow… the rain is always following us around and this last weekend we agreed to take a break. We have up to now finished about 50% of the metal sheet layer and we hope to finish this weekend if we don’t have too much rain.

Progress off the metal sheet surface


Rain delay

Again the rain comes pouring down and stop us from continuing with the metal sheet layer. We have completed 5 sheets this week (10%) and we hoped to finish a lot more this weekend. Hope Monday and Tuesday has more sunshine, then we might be able to finish the last layer.

Rain is delaying to progress on the ramp

Plywood done!

Finished the plywood surface this weekend and even got a test run in to check the dimensions and feel of the ramp…. and it is great! Transition is perfect, flatbottom not to long or short and the vert section feels great!

Plywood surface finish


Plywood after 1 day

This is pictures from yesterday of the first half of the ramp covered with the 9mm plywood. Now it looks like we are getting somewhere!! Today we should finish the plywood and hope to start with some of the metal sheets for the final surface :)

Plywood phase 1


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