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Maloof 2012 Vert and Mini-Mega Final Results

Place Skater Profile Picture

PLG doing a vert clinic @ MMC SA!!

Local skateboarding enthusiasts will have the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to get first-hand coaching from the top vert skateboarder in the world in the run-up to the 2012 Maloof Money Cup world skateboarding championships. Pierre Luc Gagnon, also known as PLG, was crowned as vert world champion after an amazing skateboarding display at last year’s contest in Kimberley and will be back to defend his title this year from 28 – 30 September. PLG has not only dominated the vert contests of the world’s greatest skateboarding event, the Maloof Money Cup, each year, but has also won numerous other contests like X Games and the Dew Tour. He is considered to be the most prolific winner in vert skateboarding history. PLG will be conducting two vert half-pipe clinics at the amazing Maloof Skate Plaza in Kimberley on 24 and 25 September for anyone keen to get some insider info on the challenges of vert skateboarding. The youth clinic will be offered free of charge, but will be limited to the first forty entrants to sign up via the website on www.maloofmoneycup.com. Twenty entrants will be accommodated for each of the 1-day clinics. Successful participants will receive confirmation and will have to be on site from 16h00 – 18h00 daily. Clinic attendants will not only receive personal attention from the world champion, but loads of cool prizes are up for grabs as well.“This is an unbelievable opportunity for young skateboarders to receive personal training from the best vert skateboarder in the world. This is what the Maloof championship is all about – paying it forward, exposing South African youth to the incredible sport of skateboarding and allowing them to hone their skills. By getting world-class skateboarders to actively assist in helping these youngsters will definitely be a huge boost for the sport in the Northern Cape and the rest of the country. It’s like getting training tips from an Olympic gold medal winner,” mentions Tim McFerran of Maloof Skateboarding.

via Maloof Money Cup.

Vert Clinic a success!

The past weekend was a great experience and hosting a Vert clinic at the Maloof skate plaza in Kimberley was a great honour.  Thanks to ‘Chinner’, from Maloof, we could show the kids the basics of skating on the huge vert ramp. Big shout out to Boogaloos that supplied us with some pads and helmets to keep all the kids safe on the ramp.

Vert Run @ Maloof

Vert session at the maloof skate plaza vert ramp.

Vert Clinic at MMC Kimberley

We are having a Vert clinic at the Kimberley Maloof Plaza skatepark vert ramp on Saturday, July 28th from 9-10am and a session from 3-4pm. Anyone is welcome to join the clinic and we will show you the basics of skating the vert ramp. Some of the top South African vert skaters will be there and will have a vert session/demo after the clinic.

Make sure to bring your knee pads and helmets. This is going to be lots of fun and hope to see you there!

Online Games

Vert Skate gameGames online are great fun and I found lots of skateboard games that everyone can enjoy. Each one is very basic and easy to navigate using the keyboard to gain seed and do some airs, grind, ollies and slides. Some come with an advert at startup to keep them free but they can keep you busy for hours.


For the more mature online players, another way to keep busy for hours is playing poker online. One of the best places to play poker is partypoker.  So if you think you got some skills you just might make some money online.

So let’s start off with some top online skateboard games:

This is one of the most fun vert skating games. It takes a few minutes to get use to the game play but you can play for hours and try to land some awesome vert tricks.

This game is the best. Nice graphics for an online game and easy to do some awesome trick.

This is a lot easier gameplay and you can go high and do awesome 540s, varials and kickflips in the air.

This game looks awesome. This game is sort of a mix between street and halfpipe. You can do grinds and lunch ramps in the middle and some vert action on the side. You have to try this one!

This is a fast skate game for all the downhill fans. (more…)

Summer X Games Los Angeles 2012 – Results: Skateboard Vert – Men – ESPN

1 Pierre-Luc Gagnon 91.00 Video Clip
2 Bucky Lasek 91.00 Video Clip
3 Andy Macdonald 85.66 Video Clip
4 Sandro Dias 85.33 Video Clip
5 Danny Mayer 85.33
6 Rony Gomes 83.00
7 Tom Schaar 81.66 Video Clip
8 Elliot Sloan 69.66


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