• 12.5ft Vert Ramp plans

12.5ft Vert Ramp plans

This is detailed plans and blueprints of a vert ramp using metal frame and plywood and metal sheet surface. It’s the plans that was used to build the Base 3 vert ramp in 2010 and it’s still looking and working 100%.

Download (PDF, 2.85MB)

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  • brendan mckean May 3, 2014 at 3:16 pm

    hi guys im looking to build my son a 12 ish foot vert ramp, I cant seem to down load your plans is there anyway you could send them to me along with any hints. Anything would be greatly appreciated.
    Brendan mckean

    • Hi Brendan, I will check the link on the webpage. I have also emailed you a dropbox link to the file.

      I hope you can post some progress photos of the vert ramp build soon :) Good luck!

  • Hey guys, I am building a BMX dirt halfpipe in my front yard however am having trouble finding designs and dimensions on the internet. I saw your plans and they are exactly what I am looking for, however I have a slightly smaller working area. the length is 23.6ft and the width is 15ft. the right hight seems like 8.8ft but I am uncertain on the hight, transition radius and how much vert (if any) to have. if there is any way you could help me out I would greatly appreciate it.

  • and how far the tranny should come out, how much flat should there be?

  • Hello, are this plan still good? or are any other new dimensions this year? we want to make a real vert in our country, we need some help.

    • HI William, I think the dimensions is still correct and a perfect size for beginner to intermediate vert skaters. If you think you are more advanced on vert, then I would suggest you increase the size a bit more and you can even go up to 14ft total height. All the dimensions will have to change in accordingly.

      Where are you from and when are you planning to start with the build?

  • This is awesome. Any idea how much it would cost?

    • The cost will depend on your location and the material costs. You can workout the total material required to build based on the plans and then calculate the cost with local price lists for metal and plywood ect.. Also, the steel works and building might also cost a bit if you get someone with the skills to build it for you.


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