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Converse Rule!!

We are proudly sponsored and supported by Converse:

Convers banners on the ramp

New vert ramp design

We have new plans for a 12ft vert ramp and you can download the plans from the ‘Downloads’ section. This new vert ramp design is based on a lot of research on the internet and some personal experience skating vert ramps. The final dimensions for the vert ramp design:

Total hight: 12ft

Transitions: 10.5ft

Vert: 1.5ft

The design is a steel construction (cheaper than wood in SA) with a 5mm plywood as first layer and 3mm metal sheet as second and final layer. We have cross/support bars +- 25cm apart and believe it should be enough and strong to take impact of high fling airs and bails !

The ramps design is also semi-modular to allow us to move the ramp if required, or extend additional sections in the future with ease.

If we make any changes to the ramp plans we will post them here.

If you decided to use the plans, please feel free to do so and email us the pictures of you new ramp (and the construction process..) We only request you put up a sign on the ramp with reference to www.vert.co.za and designed by Werner du Plessis. :-)

12ft vert ramp

the search has started..

Have you seen him?

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