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Maloof Money Cup Pictures

Uploaded some pictures to the Photo Gallery from this weekend at the Maloof Money Cup 2011 in Kemberley.

Maloof Skate Plaza Entrance

The New Vert ramp in Kimberly

The MMC vert ramp in Kimberly is now complete and looking good! The following pro vert skaters will be in Kimberly next week to compete for the $75000 prize money up for grabs:

  • Alex Perelson
  • Bob Burnquist
  • Pierre Luc Gagnon
  • Sandro Dias
  • Elliot Sloan
  • Andy MacDonald
  • Adam Taylor

MMC Vert Ramp finish

Looks like MMC SA Vert Ramp will be finished..

The latest pictures by the Woodies team show that the vert ramp is well on it’s way to be ready for next weeks Maloof event:

MMC 2011 Kimberley vert ramp progress

MMC 2011 Kimberley vert ramp progress

Maloof vert ramp progressing

Looks like the vert ramp is coming along nicely. If they continue like this we hope they will be finish before next week Thursday (9 days).

MMC Vert ramp progress

X Games in Jo’burg??

Has anyone submitted a letter of intent yet? Dead-line is 1 July 2011…

Hosting an X Games can literally change a city. Tens of thousands of spectators, tens of millions of media impressions and hundreds of millions of households have transformative power.


MMC SA unveiled the course design

The  Maloof Money Cup in Kimberley will include a Vert ramp and mini Big Air ramp!! Better get on your board and on some big ramps soon, you don’t want to miss out on the opportunity to skate the MMC ramps…MMC Kimberly Course Design


MMC Kimberly Course Design

MMC Design a Deck Contest

MMC Design A Deck Challenge

Maloof Money Cup Design a Deck Contest South Africa Edition is open to South African residents only.

Submissions must be received by March 31st, 2011 11:59pm PT, no late submissions will be accepted. Voting will begin April 1st, 2011. Voting will end April 15th, 2011 11:59pm PT

You can find all the rules and submission detail on the Maloof Money Cup site.
last years design a deck winner

Have U Seen Them?

YES!!! We have seen them at the new vert ramp at Base3 Jo’Burg.

Have U Seen Them?

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