Slow progress

Progress has been slow… the rain is always following us around and this last weekend we agreed to take a break. We have up to now finished about 50% of the metal sheet layer and we hope to finish this weekend if we don’t have too much rain.

Progress off the metal sheet surface

Progress of the metal sheet surface

Progress off the metal sheet surface

We are also experiencing a problem with the screws and have a few screw heads coming off after a day or so. We are using 5mm self drilling screws in the flat bottom and have increased the size to 6mm where we have the most screws braking in the beginning of the transition. But we still have the same problem and we will have to make a plan and will try to use the bolts with nuts where possible.

screws on metal surface


We are also trying to keep the rain out from the plywood on the flat bottom and using a silicone seal between the sheets to seal the plywood underneath the sheets.

silicone seal between metal sheets

And then we have some stupid kids probably running up and down the ramp and we now sit with a hole in one of the plywood panels. The plywood is pretty soft and can brake easily due to the rain.

Hole in the plywood surface...

This is a photo of the plywood on the flat bottom that is starting to bed due to all the rain. We hope the 3mm metal sheets and lots more screws will keep it down in position and not warp the final riding surface.

plywood bend

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