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New 12ft Vert ramp Pilot phase Material

I got some material for the pilot phase and hope to have it finished soon. The pilot phase will consist of:

  • 2x Deck box
  • 2x Transition
  • 1x Faltbottom

This will give us a good idea of the plans will work and if the shop can build according to the plans :)

This is a few photos of the raw steel materials:

Metal Sheets:

I got a 2.5mm and a 3.0mm metal sheet. If the 3.0mm bends without any problems I will use the 3.0mm sheet on the surface. This will allow more grip for countersink screws/bolts to keep the surface on the frame.

The coping:

Pilot - The coping pipe

Will use 60mm coping based on trusted source recommendation.

The paint:

Pilot paint

This is the paint used for:

  • Frame Primer: Rustbond Penetrating Sealer
  • Frame Top coat: Carbocoat AD-51
  • Metal Sheet Surface Primer: Carbomastic 186
  • Metal Sheet Surface Topcoat: Carboline 133

You can get the paint data sheet on www.stoncor.co.za

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