Sand Boarding in Benoni

Mr. G De Noon invited myself and a good mate for a day out in Benoni for a session of Sand boarding………….

Benoni is the last place I would like to find myself on a Saturday afternoon for a day out in the sun, but being the friend I am, put my pride in my pocket ( as well as my bat in my boot) and off we went.

The hole sand boarding trip was arranged by a group called Pure Rush Industries. For R250 you get taken out to a HUGE hill in the back roads of Benoni, all equipment and compitent staff.

With in a few minutes, after a few lessons u are hurled down the side of a hill at major speeds.

Please take my advice, do not wear any form of jocks…….. abrasive anal……!!!!

All and all, a good workout and something I would recommend to do, even if it is the only reason to go to Benoni.

Check out the web page under our list of links. Peace……

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